Melbourne Cup – A Tragedy In It’s Entirety.

Today’s Melbourne Cup celebrated it’s 154th year, a time where bettors alike (myself included) all were able to choose who we believed would win the grand event and possibly earn some money. But.. now after today’s tragedy is betting on animals still deemed to be alright?

A dramatic turn of events has now seen both Admire Rakti and Araldo tragically have their lives taken away from them.

Rakti was a Japanese born and bred horse aged only six years old. Born on the 20th of Feburary 2008, Admire was the hot favorite for today’s Melbourne Cup. When the race started, Rakti seemed to fly, having a steady pace in 2nd.. Only to then slowly drop back and finish last. I then wonder if this horse was pushed to its limits? Or if the medical examination beforehand was even done properly?

Rakti then tragically collapsed due to a believed heart attack or possible internal bleeding which was brought on by the race.


Such a beautiful horse. And such a tragedy to see her fatally pass away like she did today.

Yet to only make matters worse, I then heard that a second horse was being immediately rushed to the Werribee Veteranary due to the fact it had been frightened by an on looker which in turn caused a leg to become broken from the fence.

I then heard good news that Aralado may have been able to survive.. Yet only moments ago news reports have claimed him to now also be deceased.


A tragic way to end one of the largest sporting events this country of ours holds.

It now raises the debate on whether we should even have horse races. The world of horse racing has events like this every year where by thousands of horses are killed once they have fallen or have broken a bone. It’s inhumane and it’s utterly and completely wrong!

Yet it’s these cases which are silent and are unheard of.

Whilst tomorrow we all shall go back to eating our meat and forgetting about these creatures.. My advice or my belief is that horses shouldn’t have the need to die because of racing. They should be able to go like we all want too – of old age. But not only should we worry about horses, but for all creatures who are treated poorly and tragically meet their demise due to unsubstantial circumstances.

I believe we need to change our ways and avoid becoming a more savage and barbaric civilization powered by greed and wealth.


R.I.P Admire Rakti and Araldo.


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