Thor Please… I just want sleep! This storm is annoying me :/


Day 3- The Storm of a lifetime

So I was peacefully asleep dreaming up probably my exam in the next week when all of a sudden I heard a loud BANG. I awake and see a bright light colour.

At first my instinct is that Aliens have invaded and this is the end of the world… But no it’s just a really bad storm. Here’s a nice image I found on Twitter:

Whilst it may be scary.. It is quite magical. Remember to keep the dogs and cats indoors because they’ll be really scared atm!

I pray we don’t have any floods this time around.

I best get some sleep. Will probably do another post later in the day!

Sign off in the comments below if you’re hearing the orchestra of doom like I am, or if you have any photos or thoughts on this storm!

Until then! 🙂

Day 2 – My View of Melbourne


Today is Sunday the 26th of October. Whilst visiting a relative of ours, I captured this beautiful image of Melbourne.

There’s something so unique about the culture of this city which makes it so different to everywhere else in the world. Is it the variety of people? food? culture? religion?

The thing I have found to be such a great thing about this city.. Is the fact everybody seems to get on well. It’s that true Aussie spirit which makes this city stand out among others. As well as this, we have buskers all along the streets performing magic tricks, dances and my favorite one: Music.

It seems that Melbourne is so full of “everything” which seems to make people just bond together.

Anyway that’s my thoughts for the day!
Until next time 🙂

Day 1- Beginnings

Hello world!

I have always wanted to create a blog, and since my Year 11 exams are in two weeks what a better time to start procrastinating right here and right now. Over the course of the coming days, weeks, months and years should I hopefully still keep my blog! I’ll be writing on events, news or places that appeal to me during my daily commute on my way to school.

I have always been traveling on the train since Year 5 and with four or sometimes more train “trips” a day too and from my destination I always see things that capture my attention.

I hope this is only the beginning of something great and I cannot wait to begin 🙂